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  • My Geek Origin Story

    Tags: General

    While spending my last days at my country and not working on an interesting project to blog about, I thought a post about how I happen to be what I am today is in order. While reading a blog post by … more

  • Caliburn Meets TPL / Async

    Tags: Caliburn, Async

    With C# and Async integration in the language, you'll wonder how this fits in your current application infrastructure. I have started porting an old application into Silverlight 5.0 which comes with … more

  • Installing Microsoft Dynamics on a XP machine

    Tags: msdynamics

    The other day, I was starting a new gig to integrate an in-house sales system with Microsft Dynamics and naturally I needed to install MSDynamics on my machine. The best option was to install it on a … more

  • One day in Kanban Land (Farsi)

    Tags: Agile

    If you are into agile methodologies, you probably have seen the comic strips "One Day In Kanban Land" by Henrik Kniberg. He discussed it in mode depth with us in his Scrum Master course a while ago. … more

  • WPF Application with Caliburn - Part Four

    Tags: Caliburn

    This is the next serie in the Caliburn tutorials. You can find previous post: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

    One of the best features of Caliburn framework that I haven't seen in other MVVM … more

  • Migrating To Orchard

    Tags: orchard, General

    Back when I launched my website, it was supposed to be a hands-on tutorial for me to get my hands dirty with ASP.NET MVC. When I launched the site, I found out that I need to move my blog too, so I … more

  • Android Development for .NET Programmers

    Tags: Android

    When it comes to mobile programming, Android is one of the vastly spread mobile OSes around, so how would you as a .NET programmer write android applications? It turns out there is a Monodroid project … more