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  • Duration calculation with FarsiLibrary

    Tags: FarsiLibrary

    There's a new date calculation in Farsi Library that might come in handy. The new function was added a few days ago and calculates date/time differences in a user friendly manner. The usage … more

  • IDataErrorInfo Behavior Using DynamicProxy

    Tags: Validation

    Castle Windsor sample application now supports IDataErrorInfo interface. If you have read my post on how to implemnent INotifyPropertyChanged interface using Castle DynamicProxy, here same technique … more

  • Inheritance and Custom Attributes

    Tags: Reflection

    When implementing IDataErrorInfo support on Windsor Silverlight Example that uses aspect-like features of Castle DynamicProxy, I came across something interesting. I think we all have written a code … more

  • Typed-Factories in Castle Windsor

    Tags: castle

    One of the great features of Castle Windsor container is the ability to use typed-factories. Basically typed factories act like object factories that use container to create the objects for you, but … more

  • Injecting MembershipProvider

    Tags: IoC

    Creating a new project on top of existing API is always a challenge. The problem we faced the other day was how strange our legacy MembershipProvider behaved when integrated in our new project that … more

  • Linq2SQL and Repository Pattern: Unit Testing

    Tags: UnitTest

    In previous part we saw how to implemant a Repository pattern over Linq2SQL. Let's see in more detail how we can test this. If you are not new to unit testing and mocking, feel free to skip. … more

  • Linq2SQL and Repository Pattern

    Tags: Linq2SQL

    In a recent project, we were requested to create a new web application that worked on an existing data model that was created using Linq2SQL and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. We were asked to use best … more

  • Handling Focus in WPF

    Tags: WPF

    On my WPF course someone asked how we could move the focus to the next control on the page when the enter key is pressed on a textbox. Let's suppose we have a data entry form which mostly is … more

  • Question: What 's the outcome of this test?

    Tags: Gotcha

    I've got a little question for you. What happens if you run the following test? Try to answer without actually running it! Note that there is no additional test setup. public class UnitTest { … more

  • How I use Inversion of Control containers

    Tags: IoC

    Some time ago, Krzysztof wrote how he uses IoC containers and asked how other use it. This post is the answer to how "I" use Castle Windsor container on the applications I develop. With … more

  • Running distributed applications with RSB

    Tags: MSDTC

    The new article titled "Building Distributed Applications with NHibernate and Rhino Service Bus" no doubt shows one of the best implementation of a Client / Service architecture, so If you … more

  • WPF Application with Caliburn - Part Three

    Tags: Caliburn

    This is the 3rd part of the serie where in previous post we saw how to develop WPF applications using Caliburn Framework. In this post, we'll see some more advanced usage where our shell instead of … more

  • Proxy Code Generation in Visual Studio

    Tags: SOA

    Since working on our RIA application that uses JBoss WebServices on the backend, we've had tremendous amount of problems when it came down to handling proxies generated by Visual Studio. The … more

  • SecurityManager depricated API in .NET 4.0

    Tags: NET

    While I was upgrading Castle Windsor to support .NET 4.0 build scripts, I came across an interesting depricated API. If you have set Warnings are Errors in your project settings, you'll definetly get … more

  • CrossDomain Problem with Silverlight Applications

    Tags: WCF

    When creating Line of Business (LoB) applications with Silverlight, the only choice to get the data to the application is through webservices. People having their Silverlight application hosted on … more

  • MVC and NHibernate problem with IIS 7

    Tags: NHibernate

    In the process of upgrading my IIS 6 to IIS 7, my website was down for almost a whole day. The problem, at first, was that only front page of the site worked all other pages returned a status 404 due … more

  • Custom Principals in ASP.NET Applications

    Tags: ASP.NET

    I've spent the last couple of hours trying to get a web application working. The problem was that the web application uses a custom Principal object, implementing IPrincipal interface, but upon … more

  • MSTest problem in Visual Studio 2010

    Tags: MSTest

    After upgrading some solutions to the new Visual Studio 2010 RTM and expecting automatic migration woud do the trick, I bumped into a problem. The problem is that Unit Test project will be … more

  • NHibernate QueryOver API - Find The Bug

    Tags: NHibernate

    I have updated to the latest version NHibernate, built on the trunk. I'm using it for a pet project that uses latest NHibernate 3.0 functionalities. Using the new QueryOver API is my favorite new … more

  • Deserting SVN for good: Using Git

    Tags: git

    I've been having tremendous amount of problems lately using TortoiseSVN. Although server seemed to work fine, my SVN client had lots of problems, so I decided it was time to switch to Git. I was … more

  • PersianCalendar support for DevExpress

    Tags: DevExpress

    Creating Line of Business applications using DevExpress WPF controls is just a breeze. The actual application is nice looking too! Since there are a couple of skins available and the good thing is … more

  • Silverlight Binding: Lesson Learned

    Tags: CodeAnalysis

    When working on a Silverlight application that recieved data from a WebService I notice that loading of an array of 1500 items takes a lot of time. With this problem, application launch that has 3 … more

  • Must Read Books For Programmers

    Tags: Programming

    It's been a while that I wanted to prepare a list of books that, in my opinion, every programmer should read. These are the most influential books I've read so far in my career. It is not … more

  • Java and .NET Interoperability

    Tags: Interop

    We've been doing a lot of Java / .NET interop for last couple of years in our enterprise applications. On one hand, our customers used their existing expertise and infrastructure that worked better … more

  • WPF Application with Caliburn - Part Two

    Tags: Caliburn

    In this part of the tutorial, we'll enhance our shell view to display other presenters and add Save and Print support for presenters supporting it. You can use generalize this example and learn how to … more