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  • Mindscape WinRT Controls

    Tags: WinRT

    As a part of my adventures on porting my suite of Calendar controls to Windows 8 and WinRT, I set to see how other companies are doing in providing components for Windows 8 development. Considering … more

  • Deferred Message Processing in NServiceBus

    Tags: NServiceBus

    When working on a project using NServiceBus, we came up with an interesting requirement. The messages in the queue should be processed only in certain time frames. The reason is that message handler … more

  • Fun with Expression Trees

    Tags: Expressions

    Logging is easy. We've all been there and done that, but when how do you log a request/response object of a webservice, specially when the WSDLs are being changed constantly? The requirements were … more

  • God Class and Helpers

    Tags: CodeAnalysis

    While code reviewing a client's code base I found this gem.

    Enough has been said about God Classes and Separation of Concerns but I still wonder how putting everything in one place and call it … more

  • My Geek Origin Story

    Tags: General

    While spending my last days at my country and not working on an interesting project to blog about, I thought a post about how I happen to be what I am today is in order. While reading a blog post by … more