• DDD - Part Three - Domain Events

    Tags: DDD, EntityFramework

    Domain event is a very useful concept in Domain Driven Design that allows you to separate concerns in your domain via events. You can also offload the side effects of the actions in your domain to an … more

  • JSON Serialization in WebAPI

    Tags: WebAPI, Json

    If you've worked with JSON endpoints and WebAPI, you know how seamlessly it works when sending out objects that will be serialized into JSON. An example would be something like this: public class … more

  • DDD - Part Two - Value Object Persistence

    Tags: DDD, EntityFramework

    In DDD, the value object is used when your entity conceptually does not have an identity and it is all about the data. Now the question of something being a value object or an entity - where we care … more

  • F# Type Providers

    Tags: FSharp, Videos

    F# And Type Providers You're going to think I'm jumping on the F# bandwagon as well. Well kind of but that's not the point of this post. The thing is, people ask me all the time: Why should I even … more

  • DDD - Part One - Value Objects

    Tags: EntityFramework, DDD

    In this series, I'm going to write about some of the challenges we've been facing with DDD. If you want to adapt DDD on .NET stack, this hopefully will be useful for you. Along with concepts I'll … more

  • Object Encapsulation With EntityFramework

    One of the four fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programing is Encapsulation which is defined as: "A language mechanism for restricting access to some of the object's components". This would help us … more

  • Better Testability with Static Classes

    If you've been following me, you know by now that recently I've been dedicating my extra time enhancing ServiceInsight application. For those of you living under a rock, it is a part of NServiceBus … more

  • SQL Server Transport for NServiceBus

    You may have noticed in NServiceBus release note that there are a few new transports available on v4.0. This means you no longer need to choose MSMQ as your transport and can choose from other well … more

  • ServiceInsight for NServiceBus Beta-2 Available Now

    If you've been following this blog, you've noticed that it has gone radio silent for some time. The reason was that I was spending most of my time on developing ServiceInsight application. I'm happy … more

  • Mindscape WinRT Controls

    As a part of my adventures on porting my suite of Calendar controls to Windows 8 and WinRT, I set to see how other companies are doing in providing components for Windows 8 development. Considering … more